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Posts published in “Skype for Business”

Skype for Business via free Sip Trunk – Part 1


Howdy All, I’m going to create a two-part blog on the integration of Microsoft Skype for Business and Elastix PBX utilising a SipGate Basic sip trunk. Much of what you…

Missing features in Skype for Business on iOS


Howdy folks, The iOS Skype for Business, formerly Lync 2013, app was released on 14th October 2015. In this new release we have seen an intuitive and familiar Skype UI, to include: Simplified…

CloudPBX via on-premises PBX


Howdy Folks, Some interesting functionality has come out of the new Microsoft Office 365 CloudPBX with on-premises PSTN Connectivity in Skype for Business Server 2015. On 7th October 2015 Microsoft rolled out CloudPBX…

ExpressRoute for Office 365


A significant change to Office 365 in the future is going to be the ability to host your Skype for Business users within Office 365 and have an ExpressRoute back to…

Sign up for UC Day UK


For the last 9+ months, I’ve been involved (with a few others) in helping to organize the first ever one-day conference in the UK dedicated to Microsoft Unified Communications –…

Skype for Business FAQ


Skype for Business have the first FAQ out today – Helping general members of staff with day to day issues they may occur with Skype for Business. It’s been a busy first day in…