Polycom VVX and Trio Network Ports for Skype for Business Online

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I’m working with a customer who requires being able to lock down the network to and from the Trio and VVX devices.  I’ve been trying to work with Polycom to get a definitive list of URLs, as well as IP, addresses but it seems quite hard going to obtain them.  I’ve got a pretty impressive Cisco Meraki home network so I started the network monitoring and this is what I’ve found out.


Networking Reports

For the VVX


For the Trio:


What makes up the group Windows Office365 according to Meraki.


What can we understand about the above, the VVX hadn’t been online in a while so we know that the downloads.polycom.com was me updating the devices. Anything running from 192.168.0.* is from my internal network while I was doing device configuration.


We saw late last year that Microsoft are simplifying the required IP addresses and ports: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Skype-for-Business-Blog/Simplified-port-requirements-for-Skype-for-Business-Online/ba-p/77094  


We also know that the required URLs for the client are outlined on: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Office-365-URLs-and-IP-address-ranges-8548a211-3fe7-47cb-abb1-355ea5aa88a2?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US&fromAR=1#bkmk_lyo


The current list of IP addresses utilised by Skype for Business Online for IPv4 is:

All of my media traffic appears to be going to subnet.  It didn’t seem to make a difference whether I went through a PSTN conference or through a standard Microsoft Phone System, clearly, this was my media traffic was being routed to.


The one thing, however, I want to call out that I can’t find anywhere in Polycom documentation is why there was communication to/from the VVX on Port 12345.   I set up a second NIC on my Surface Pro and hooked the VVX daisy-chained and the port was only being used for BToE.


Next steps are as well to see if the VVX or the Trio are speaking to anything other than the Office 365 and Skype for Business approved URLs.



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