Episode 3 – How Windows 10 affects your Office 365 deployment

Our third episode of the All About 365 podcast with my fellow Office 365 MVP Steve Goodman for a regular coffee and chat about All Things 365!

In  Episode three – How Windows 10 affects your Office 365 deployment, Steve and I talk All About understanding how Windows 10 will impact your Office 365 deployment. We talk about Microsoft 365 and the various versions available, what trends are being seen out in the wild, the impact of the Windows 7 deployment lifecycle, future proofing for the upcoming version of Office, where management and security is affected and of course Windows 10 autopilot.

You’ll find Episode Three at our podcast site, on iTunes, SpotifyTuneIn RadioStitcher and you can subscribe with your favourite podcast app using the feed.

Every couple of weeks, we’re getting together for a brew and chat about hot topics in the world of Microsoft 365, in particular, Office 365, EM&S and getting under the hood of the practicalities of deploying and managing Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Exchange Online, Azure AD and much more.

For All About 365 with Jay and Steve we have the benefit that Steve has years of experience through his UC Architects we live a total of 20 miles away from each other, so when we say we’re getting together for a coffee, we’re not kidding. Of course, we’ll be joined from time to time by friends from Microsoft and fellow MVPs.

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