Configure Busy on Busy in Skype for Business

Configure busy on busy

With the release of Skype for Business CU3 – we now have the ability to enable “Busy on Busy”

So what is Busy on Busy? Busy options are a new voice policy attribute in Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015 CU3. Busy on Busy makes it possible to reject and send a busy signal to new incoming calls or to send the call to voice mail if the person who is being called is already in a call or conference, or has a call on hold.

Busy Options allow the voice policy to be enabled for the organization, the following options can be set for all users within the organization:

  • Busy on Busy: New incoming calls are rejected and sent a busy signal when the user is busy.
  • Voicemail on Busy: New incoming calls are forwarded to voice mail when the user is busy.

To deploy ensure that Skype for Business CU3 has been deployed to your environment.   As part of your normal patching service you will want to Stop-CSWindows service and start them again as per normal.

Enable the service on the voice policy:

Find out which voice policies are in use by doing a:


Within this will outline what voice polices are inputted into Skype for Business. This doesn’t mean they are in use.

Configure the voice policies required to enable busy options, this can be completed by site, by tag, or globally.

In this scenario I have only updated the Lichfield Site

set-CsVoicePolicy -Identity site:Lichfield -enablebusyoptions $true

to do all at once:

Set-CsVoicePolicy -EnableBusyOptions $True

Configure the user actions:

The next step is to configure what actions are taken when a user voice policy is enabled.  You have the choice to send to voice mail or to send direct to a busy tone.

In this example I have enabled the user as a busy tone.

Set-CsBusyOptions -Identity -ActionType BusyOnBusy


To enable all users::

To bulk enable all users run the following:

$enterprise = get-csuser -Filter {HostingProvider -ne “”}

$enterprise | Set-CsBusyOptions –ActionType BusyOnBusy


Note: the users who are configured as Hybrid/ Office 365 will not have a registrar pool attached to them and will cause an error to occur.


5 thoughts on “Configure Busy on Busy in Skype for Business

  1. I think you’re missing the step on creating the server application, which I found required the services to be restarted. I missed performing the steps during the cu installation, but that didnt seem possible to do with all the services off anyway.

    1. Cheers Korbyn, I’ve added that in but as the standard patch process you must shut down services on the FE anyway. Interestingly I didn’t need to restart any services to get this to work on my installation, I wonder if this is because I also patched the OS of the Front Ends at the same time and restarted them.

      1. I certainly didn’t find the New-CsServerApplication requirement till after I applied the CU when I went digging through all the articles. Kind of like the SLA server module, except at least there they said which service needed restarting. Kinda want to move my mailbox back to OnPrem, now I miss my Server Side conversation history on the mobile client and now VoicemailOnBusy. Me so sad.

  2. Hi. Have you tested to enable “voicemailonybusy” action? I tried, but even if i have a local Exchange UM configured and working, i get “Set-CsBusyOptions : Voicemail is not enabled for Identity …..”

    Any Ideas?

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