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As we continue on from where I left off earlier with PSTN Telephone number provisioning from Office 365,  we now have PSTN Dial-in conferencing.  Dial-in conferencing has historically been a solution that has been hosted on premises or hosted with an existing third party provider such as PGI or BT.  This can now be included in your E3 licenses or E5 licenses for a fee of around $2 per user per month that require this functionality.



If you visit your portal and scroll to Admin, then to Skype for Business you’ll see the dial in conferencing numbers that are currently attributed to your tenant.  Should you require a location that isn’t yet on your list, you can create a helpdesk ticket and then allocate these numbers.  As you can see that my default number for my US tenant is a 312, Chicago number.  This is the number that will be given to all users who are use Office 365 and have the United States as their default location.

There are some key functionality that we can turn on and turn off as part of our Skype Online solution. First being we can enable the announcement feature.  This will provide dial up users the users an announcement when someone joins the meeting.  In addition you can enable the ability for dial in users to provide their location or name upon joining the dial in conference.   You can adjust the PIN from 5, the lowest setting is 4 and that should be low enough without causing too much disruption.

I have applied the Dial in Conferencing license to my Jason Wynn user. In addition you can see my conference ID and my default dial in number.


If I select the user I can then adjust the provider should I have a mix of 3rd party or Microsoft natively hosting dial in conference providers.  I can also adjust my conference number.  From this I can use the drop down menu and select one of the provided numbers that have been provisioned to my tenant. Also, that bottom check box is quite important.  It allows users to use your dial in bridge with you being online.  If you want to provide the ability to have people use your dial in conferencing bridge without you attending then you need to check this box.

as you can see this scenario I’m going to change it to the other Chicago area code 872.

As you can see from the menu the new telephone number has been applied.

Some key points worth noting. This works fine in the US, the numbers seem to be in the correct E164 format.  This is not the case when using numbers from the UK for example.  When I create a meeting from outlook and visit the number being presented from Skype client to my Outlook client it doesn’t seem to be presented as I would expect.

This isn’t a huge problem, however it could effect your click to dial if you’re using this within Skype for Business and you don’t have normalisation configured. In addition, if you are using Cloud PBX or PSTN calling this could be an issue for you as well as the number isn’t configured correctly and the number will not be dialled.  The obvious answer is that people will be joining a Skype Online meeting from a Skype for Business client.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or issues feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you.


2 thoughts on “Provision dial in conferencing in Office 365

  1. Thanks for posting, very useful. Do you have any thoughts on Microsoft vs. 3rd Party providers? Microsoft’s cheapest option is $4/month per user, whereas PGi’s cheapest plan was $200/month for 5000 shared minutes. However, I tested latency and Microsoft’s service was close to 300ms slower, very noticeable. Has this been your experience as well?

    1. I don’t see that as a roadblock no. Once you have stickiness into the solution people are going to go with it. Likewise, if I have to do additional steps to on-board a solution from PGI means I’m not using Microsoft, and why would I? if I’m paying £1 per user to have PSTN Conferencing and I know I’m going to exceed 5,000 minutes for a 18,000 the numbers make sense.

      Remember as well you only need the people who are creating PSTN conferences to require a licenses. Therefor I could have 200 people and unlimited minutes to match the PGI solution.

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