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Today I added a few domains to one of our Office 365 tenants that I use on a regular basis. Ashley Richardson @letscollabor8 advised me that the adding additional domain process has vastly improved.  He wasn’t kidding!  The addition of Domains from GoDaddy to Office 365 since the days of buying a new domain, configuring the TXT record that Microsoft approves, and then adding the correct DNS records are now long behind us.  It’s almost becoming too easy!


Adding Domain

First things first – purchase your new domain through GoDaddy. – keep your log on details handy, you’ll need them in a bit.

Log onto your Office 365 tenant as a global admin and browse to the Domain section under the admin tools.

Select + Add Domain

Press Let’s get started

Input the correct domain name which you purchased earlier into the domain which we want to use and press Next

Microsoft will query who the domain registrar of the newly purchased domain is and this will then load your GoDaddy authentication.


GoDaddy Process

Click the Sign into GoDaddy

Using the domain owner’s account information you then press Secure Login.  This must be the domain register and not a child or linked account.

Once signed in verify that the information you have is correct and that the domain we have inputted into the Which domain do you want to use? is present and correct and press Accept.

Microsoft will then validate that you own this domain. This domain will then be added to your managed domains list.


Managing Users

Office 365 will then kick off the ability to migrate users to this new domain. You can add any additional domain names to your users at this point in time.

In my case we were simply adding the domain and we will utilise ADFS to create the users later. If you scroll to the bottom of the screen you will find a Skip this step

During the process you can add new users to the new domain. Input any additional user details and Add these users or in my case, Skip this step.  Also, should it be easier you can use the CSV template to do a bulk addition.


Configuring DNS

With the GoDaddy and Office 365 working together we can have Office 365 provision our public GoDaddy DNS records.

Click Next

If Microsoft are the DNS nameserver provider you can select. As the domain names are still homed with GoDaddy at we select No, I have an existing website or prefer to manage my own DNS records. Then click the Next button

Identify which services you are going to use on Office 365 for your newly managed domain. If you are going to use Exchange, Skype for Business and MDM, select all these items and click the Next button.

Microsoft will then work with GoDaddy and automatically configure all the DNS records required for the services you’ve selected. Click the Add records, or if you would like to see which DNS records they are going to create, simply click the down arrow to view what is going to be changed.

I was blown away by how simple this is. The years of setting up new Skype for Business Online and Office 365 tenants had reminded me of how difficult/laborious it was to configure the public DNS records and having long discussions with 3rd Party providers who manage the DNS records for the company.  Now you have the ability to bypass all those headaches and have it provision for you.

This was certainly a 5 star setup for me.

Click Finish, and you’re good to go

Validate that your Manage domains list shows your newly found domain and it shows as Setup complete, no action required.

I quite like the CheckDns tool from Justin Wyllys – this can be found on  – This tool is useful for validating Office 365 public DNS records.


If you have any questions or comments feel free to pass them on! Thanks for reading.




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