Missing features in Skype for Business on iOS

Howdy folks,

The iOS Skype for Business, formerly Lync 2013, app was released on 14th October 2015. In this new release we have seen an intuitive and familiar Skype UI, to include:

  • Simplified dashboard and enhanced In-Call and In-Meeting experiences.
  • Full-Screen Video, simultaneous viewing of the shard content and speaker’s video, larger buttons for meeting controls.

In addition it includes the Active Directory Authentication Library based on Multi-factor Authentication.

There are also features that have been removed between 19th October 2015, the date of posting of this, and the initial release date.  Removals from Skype for Business that were included in the Lync 2013 client are as follows:

Contacts screen

  • Search your contacts from the Contacts screen. This feature is also available on the Dashboard screen (on which recent conversations and upcoming meetings are displayed).
  • Search for Distribution Groups.
  • Send an IM to all members of a Group.
  • Use Group contact cards.

Chat screen

  • Send the chat transcript as an email message.
  • Access a participant’s Contact Card from the Participant List.

Meetings List screen

  • Visually identify meetings that are currently in the Tentative acceptance state.
  • Access the meeting organizer’s Contact Card from the Meeting detail view.

Voice Mail screen

  • Delete a voice mail message.
  • Use quick options to return a call and navigate to the Contact Card from a Voice Mail message.
  • Use Accessibility features.
  • Use Speed Controls for faster and slower Voice Mail playback.

In-call screens

  • Use Call Transfer.
  • View Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. However, app-sharing and screen-sharing (including for PowerPoint presentations) are still fully functional.


  • Set Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring options.

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